For over twenty years Mark A. Wallis has designed and built original sculpture, furniture and outdoor environmental works. His work has been collected across the USA and abroad. Known nationally for his freestanding kinetic sculptures that soar into space like a surreal drawing, Wallis continues his quest to create and explore new compositions in a variety of materials. Whether the artist is exploring the intrinsic qualities of exotic woods, bending quarter inch steel, or placing fifteen ton stones in a field, he maintains a fascination with serendipity and the art of process.

The language of his work can best be summarized into one word: relationships. Wallis composes from a deep inner place that goes beyond words, symbols or theme. Uniquely attributed to his persistence in studio work, extracting influences from a spiritual pool rather than popular stylistic modes, it is evident that his vision and body of work is boldly separate from any artist today. Unlike many artists who assign their work to artisans, Wallis does all of his art work believing that his greatest pleasure is derived from being immersed in the process and discovering something unknown along the way.